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PRESS CONTACTS: Bypolar #BlocTheJuvie (, 206-578-8961); Angelica from NWDC Resistance (646-496-5724)

Seattle, WA (01 May 2017). Hip Hop artists, musicians, educators and community builders will be participating in the global call-out for a general strike on May 1, 2017 (May Day). In Seattle there will be multiple autonomous actions, marches and #BlocTheJuvie will be having a pop-up bloc party with Hip Hip artist’s Raz Simone, Poesia, Bypolar, Yirim Seck , Julie-C, Black Magic Noize and many more live performances. We will also have great food, organizations tabling, live-painting, and amazing speakers that will share information about the juvie, prison industrial complex, prison labor and organizing efforts in Seattle and the region. We will announce at #BlocTheJuvie hashtag on May 1st, 2017, 3:30pm the location of the bloc party.

May Day is rooted in the resistance of anarchists, workers and organizers in the 1880s who begun organizing in Chicago for the 8-hour workday where 300,000 workers in 13,000 businesses across the United States went on strike on May 1, 1886. Chicago was the epicenter of this struggle, where 40,000 workers join with anarchists in the forefront of public’s eye, anarchism became respected and embraced by working class people and despised by the capitalist elite, the general strike faced brutal police violence infamously known as the Haymarket Martyrs that established May Day as International Workers’ Day, officially holiday in 66 countries yet unofficially in the United States, the country where it all begun.

It is in this spirit of global resistance that we join the 2017 May Day General Strike against fascism. In Seattle, May Day is known as a day of direct action, where social and creative movements of resistance manifest against exploitation and oppression; students, workers, migrants, and artists will be engaging in a general strike happening in cities across the world. This day the people will be building community, marches, direct actions and cultural events to participate in global resistance movements. Additional actions and events happening in Seattle and King County include the March on Amazon-May Day 2017 and the 18th Annual May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights. We support all people-led movements of resistance and solidarity amongst those of us most affected and exploited by capitalist white supremacist violence.

Prisoners and migrants, are part of an exploited workforce that is denied human and workers rights. The United States has the largest incarcerated prison population in the world with 25% of the world’s prison population. Over 50 Corporate companies like Costco Wholesale Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Koch Industries Inc., McDonald’s Corporation, Victoria’s Secret, Microsoft Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell plc, Starbucks Corporation and many others profit from slavery often referred by intellectuals and academics as the Private Prison Industrial Complex. The United States of America government claims that slavery was abolished in 1865,yet within the USA constitution is a loophole in the 13th Amendment that allows for corporations to invest and exploit prisoners “as a punishment for crimes” in the 21st century. Corporations have lobbied and invested billions of dollars to use prison labor as a punishment for “crime”. Today Black and Brown peoples are racially profiled, incarcerated and forced into mandatory, essentially unpaid labor (slavery).

Youth and children are target by the police to be derailed into the prison system of means of becoming an unrecognized exploited prison labor workforce. The Youth Jail in the Central District is no different in profiting from slavery. It is in this act of solidarity and resistance with the youth inside the Juvie that we gather to put on a community Hip Hop bloc party to bring light to how Seattle City Council and King County are complicit in exploitation thru the Prison Industrial Complex by allowing prisons, detention centers, and Juvenile detention centers in the region. As a community we demand alternatives to incarceration that are centered in the experiences of the most marginalized youth, migrants, and artists.



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Artist Biographies


Raz Simone is a hip-hop artist from Seattle, Washington. His inspiration stems from his diverse life, as opposed to any musical predecessors. Growing up Raz did not listen to any music. It wasn’t until he started writing poetry, then speaking his powerful words over movie scores that he realized he was rapping. Mixing creative foresight with entrepreneurial spirit, Raz produces, raps, sings, designs graphics, and directs videos all under his independent label, Black Umbrella.



Julie-C passion lies at the many intersections of art, creative resistance, and community building. Emceeing since her early teens, Julie-C hails from the legendary Alpha Platoon crew of Seattle. As she watched the Hip Hop movement evolve parallel to her own growth, she began organizing in her early twenties with 206 Zulu. Since then, she has been blessed to connect with some of Hip Hop’s most potent grassroots organizations, serving as education committee member of Hip Hop Association, and later as Northwest Regional Coordinator of Hip Hop Congress. In addition, she has also served on the board of Reclaim the Media, helped organize B-Girl Media and Hip Hop Occupies to Decolonize, and taught Hip Hop and media literacy through El Centro de La Raza’s Hope for Youth Program, Seattle Urban Debate League, Seattle’s Young People’s Project, and Umojafest P.E.A.C.E Center. As a writer, she has served on the editorial board for the People’s Tribune, written for Seaspot Magazine, and contributes as an editor and content developer for Coach Seattle. She is also a proud family member of Brain Child Learning Center where she has taught, developed curriculum, and fostered academic excellence for 1st generation Asian American youth for over 10 years. She was recognized as Seattle Sound Music Award’s 2015 honoree for female emcee, and is eager to continue her love work of inspiration, self-determination, and community empowerment with Hip Hop Bruha



Yirim Seck is the son of a Senegalese Father and African American mother. For Yirim growing up in America as a young black boy with a dual heritage was a complicated mix of trying to fit in with his peers and being comfortable with his Senegalese culture and background. Common myths about Africa caused him to be teased about everything from his name, to his hair texture to the color of his skin. At the same time he was instilled with a deep knowledge and a sense of pride about his Senegalese heritage. It wasn’t until he made his first trip to Senegal at the age of sixteen, that all of his childhood experiences, good and bad, began to make sense. This was also the time when he discovered his love for Hip Hop. While in Senegal, Yirim underwent a number of deep and transformative experiences. One of the most important things he witnessed was the way his Senegalese regularly turned lack and limitation into infinite possibilities. Senegal is a nation of natural entrepreneurs. He realize his life in America has taught him more about being a wage slave than being a free and creative human being. In America, there is the mythology of the hustler, or someone who makes a way out of no way. Yirim realized that in Senegal, this is a way of life for everyone. As he began to think about his creative voice as an emcee, this spirit of economic creativity was taking root in him as well. For the past 10 years Yirim Seck has been developing his career as a hip hop artist. During that time he has developed a growing loyal fan base in the Pacific Northwest.



Poesi(a) Mari(A)rte is a nomadic Visual Creative thinker based in Occupied Coast Salish Territory; Manifesting Creative Rebellion every millisecond reflecting generations of rebellions, poetically narrating the teachings of ancients. Born in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero and migrated/ became displaced in the Northwest in the early 90s. She is a Hip Hop artist with Batallones Femeninos, a womxn’s hip hop collective based in Mexico and does multi-media production & autonomous hip hop media/movement building with Shades of Silence, Hip Hop Bruha Collective and High Godz Entertainment in Seattle, WA. 



Black Magic Noize is an artist collective based out of Seattle Washington. The four lead members MadShroom Mc, Araless, DJ Corndogg, and Nocturnal make up the Mushroom Militia. We represent the Triple Rock Movement where G.O.D. stands for Gift of Decision. Speaking on the pleasures and pain in life. Black Magic Noize has been sponsored by Cavi Gold Records, and has had their merch carried in Motion Boardshop. They’ve have been featured on local radio; podcasts; mixtapes; blogs; and mentioned in local publications like The Stranger, a live recorded performance on Kexp, and As well as playing with notable local acts like Graves 33, Kung Foo Grip, OC Notes, XP and various members of 206 Zulu; they’ve also done shows with Crooked I, Myka 9, Elzhi, Blueprint and, Jedi Mind Tricks. In 2013, they rocked the mainstage at Hempfest.


Born and raised in the evergreen marshlands of Everett Wa outside Seattle, MadShroom MC is the Executive Producer of the artist collective Black Magic Noize est. 09. The furious fungus is also a member/cofounder of the notorious beat crew Filthy Fingers United comprised of over 30+ producers from all over the country. When the pissed off portobello isn’t writing raps or making beats, he’s hosting a Freestyle Competition known as The Lyric League currently taking place at The Central Saloon. As an agitated amanita, pass times include wearing clothing by Concuss Creations, coughing Kush casually, and writing odes to cougars and Hulk Booty Princesses. Recently released #MURIKKKA EP can be found at, and will be available on iTunes,spotify, and more. More information on MadShroom Mc and The Trip Rock Movement can be found
at or for booking email: Trip Freely and Stay Filthy my friends.



Araless interweaves sociopolitical, counter-cultural commentary with grimy boom bap production – his execution is like no other. You can feel his sense of urgency, prompting the audience to deconstruct their social conditioning – the underlying tone implying the necessity for revolutionary action in a society built on domination, division, and predatory practices. In result, his word emerges as a vital call to action.


Bypolar Founder of high gods entertainment network and co founder of Seattle copwatch, Bypolar is an artist organizer, using music as a tool of resistance coupled with on the ground direct action. Coming in to adult hood in the prison system, birthed an analysis that would later be reflected in Bypolars art, music, and organizing. That of prison abolition and anti state politics, searching to build a liberated world. Using their music as a vehicle to effect the mind of the people and direct action to effect our material reality.

Instagram/ twitter Bypolar_tc

the sissy bas is an insurgent pretty princess. anti capitalist, not dumb. genderfuxxxd satyrist. cute ukulele playing singing writing performer. queer witchy visual art maker. crocheting fan girl seeking fans. cabaret wannabe. burlesque aspirer. was spoken word poet anarchist busker. call me by She/Her or They/them pronouns and don’t pet my dog. like my pages on social media. Petty.


High Godz Entertainment
Black Umbrella
The Village
The Northwest Detention Center Resistance

Shades O’ Silence
Rising Tide
Hip Hop Bruha Collective
WestAfriCoast Media
EPIC (Ending the Prison Industrial Complex)
Got Green
stop violia

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