What it is?… What it Do!

Who are y’all? What do you do? What’s your political line? What is Shades of Silence?

“A thing is mighty big when time and distance can’t shrink it.”              Zora Neale Hurston

Well, we’ve heard yall… So far we can say that Shades of Silence is a thing. A project, a culture, an idea, a community of communities, but in the in end Shades of Silence is just a thing. We know that won’t satisfy the inquisition we are under, so we have decided to share some context and characteristics about this thing- Shades of Silence.

This thing is the reverb of a silent echo of colors and hues implanted in our DNA. It is the explosions of repressed ancestral war chants, and the revelation of ancient teachings spoken thru the beats of drums. It’s moving beyond the world of linear time and hierarchical divisions by creating a New geography. It is an attempt to push towards a world in which progress is obsolete and sustainability is inherent.

Shades of Silence (S.o.S) is project that revealed it’s self in the Metropolis known as the Emerald City. It is the product of nomads, degenerates, and delinquents. We are artist. We are uncontrollable. We are analogue anomalies building towards a communal cypher.

*We are sucker for the poetics here. Sorry not sorry, if you have a problem you are in wrong place.*

“Poetry is not only dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. It lays the foundations for a future of change, a bridge across our fears of what has never been before.”

This is a declaration of an end to the Old.

This is a Manifestation of the ancient meeting the New.

With this we disrupt the bad noise…

It’s us (the silence) that interrupts their transmission…

We heard the silence and barricaded ourselves behind it…

We can listen for the faint screams from the plantation

We can easedrop on the conversations between Don Durito and The cat-dog.

We prefer the sights and sounds of the Cypher to that of the machine. The Cypher exists between many communities across invisible imaginary irrelevant borders. It’s an attempt at world where many worlds flourish at frequencies of freedom. By nature the Cypher exist in contradiction of and as an antagonism towards the hierarchical pyramid of Empire. The Cypher isn’t a form of organization, it’s a shared world view, a way of being, a relationship.

A shared world view of displaced peoples within Empire. A view from below and too the left (hella left). A dignified indigeniety that can only be observed as an absence against a backdrop of Empire. A world view that shine brightest in the shade thrown upon us by Empire.

Empire see us as scavengers of the world. We don’t agree nor dis agree with this (if you must know we really don’t care). Like most identities bestowed upon us by Empire, we define it, defy it, then dust our shoulders and discard it. But on the real, we take what we deem useful and attempt to recycle everything else. It is in our nature to desecrate, denounce, and dismantle all things Empire. We are here to expose and sabotage the mechanisms of Conquest/Domination.

We are (and will continue) providing counter-spells and remedies against the Priest of Property and the Clerics of Capital. We embrace the Jes Grew to mock the Talking Androids. We dance with the ebb and flow of the tides to honor the moon cycles. We are cosmic hobos terraformed by our constellations.

Part of the project of building a communal cypher is sharing our stories, speaking and communicating amongst ourselves. We tell our tales, expose our experiences, and share lessons learned. We also (more importantly) listen, hear, and watch. We use Communiques, Articles, Poems, Songs, Essays, and all other forms of art to express our message, to share strategy, to debate and reflect on practice, analysis, and theory (in that order). We are the kids that write on the wall.

The communal cypher is not only communicating our stories with each other but also creating our stories together. Shared experiences creates our affinity. No Ally’s. Some comrades. Mostly friends. But Family first. Blood runs deep and has no quantum, for sho! But our bonds are beyond the bounds of our blood. Our heritage however isn’t. Our stories don’t exist without the blood that runs in our veins. Our ancestral knowledge, that runs in those very veins, are the roots of how we collectively define our reality.

To put it simply- We are Art silently communicating communally as a subversive act against Empire. And We found each other!

We are pretty sure our answers to y’alls questions have only lead to more questions. At least it did with us. As the inquisition into our shared identity reveals more about us and our shared nature, we hope that maybe we can learn more together. We’ve been finding each other behind the barricades of silence. We been listening to stories previously silenced by the bad noise and watching the artistic assaults on the bad sights eating our environment.

We learned nature oldest counterspell, the spiral revealed by the snails shell. We encountered unflinching antagonisms kissing in the dark of the undercommons…(see what we did there? Probably not)… We witnessed the building of a Qilombo and navigated between Africa Town and Afrikatown to do it (not always with the best of results). We’ve ecountered Caravans with strangers, comrades, friends and family.

As we are the inspiration behind this inquisition, we would like to leave y’all with some food for thought, ideas for further exploration and emotions.

-Hip Hop and Politricks-

-Carnival and Memory in Free time-

-The Traveler vs. The Tourist: a race to somewhere, at sometime, in someway-

P.S. One of us has recently become obsessed with pine cones…and we’re not actually sure what to do, so we just let them be…. But now we have gotten curious… What is it about the pine cone? What could it be?…uh oh…now we’re obsessed with it too…


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