• Shades of Silence!

    "Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves. Silence is solidarity. Love for the Silent ones. Silence alone is respectable and respected. "
    -Analogue Anomalies

    "Silence is argument carried out by other means."
    -Che Guevara

    "Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation."
    -Jean Arp

    Within a state of pure Silence, all that exist is Colors of unknown rhythms . A Sacred absence in time where Silence came first and Silence will be the last.
    Our Silence is the Sound of the alchemist of Chaos sabotaging the agents of authority.

The Art of Private Property Desecration

Originally posted on Shades of Silence:
By: B-Z(A)R The Nocturnal Nomad The Clash of Creative Chaos:Building The Communal Cypher in Resistance and Rhythm.  a series of reflections on Hip Hop and Empire. The Art of Private Property Desecration The Art of the Commons Graffiti Vs Private Property and the Chaos of Self Expression At the…

So You Want To Come To Standing Rock

[republished from medium.com] So You Want To Come To Standing Rock Written by Malia Hulleman and Johnny Misheff We ask that you bear with us here. It’s a lot to take in, but it is crucial that we get clear on some of the basics. The following is a culmination of what we have learned … Continue reading

Truth vs Morton County Lies

[Reposted from No Dakota Access Pipeline Global Solidarity Campaign’s Facebook page] Please share the below memes and tag Morton County Sheriffs Department in your post by typing the @ symbol and then Morton County Sheriffs Department. Their FB page does now allow posts, so this is a way around that! Relatives! Tonight’s occurrences are an … Continue reading

#NoDAPL Photos from Nov 21 2016

[reposted from Red Warrior Camp Facebook] Photos: November 20th, last night at the bridge to the north of Standing Rock Encampment HWY 1806. pictures by West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative #BlackSnakeKillaz #NODAPL #FTP

Dakota Access pipeline [water protector] ‘may lose her arm’ after police standoff

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
Sophia Wilansky. Sophia Wilansky, 21, was seriously injured after being hit by projectile when officers threw less-than-lethal weapons at demonstrators, her father said by Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian, November 22, 2016 A 21-year-old woman was severely injured and may lose her arm after being hit by a projectile when…

The Tactical Activists — Warrior Publications

by Sakej, November 21, 2016 (via Facebook) The “battlefield” for political, social, economic and environmental justice issues is shifting. The opposition (government and industry) has been gearing up for a huge conflict with their own population for decades now. They have planning, re-writing their operations manuals, recruiting, re-organizing, re-equipping, and re-training their law enforcement agencies […] … Continue reading

Legends of the Wolf – soundtrack and poster

“Legends of the Wolf” by Chief Dan George and the Tribes of Turtle Island Performed by: Mato Woksape Produced by: Harley Monroe Listen to the stories on SoundcloudWolf Stories Poster [PDF]

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse – Nov 2nd Communique from Red Warrior Camp and West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative

In the early morning of November 2, 2016 Warriors and Water Protectors went to the bank of the Cantapeta Creek on the north side of camp in an act of defiance against Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline which is being built on this side of the river.

DAPL has desecrated several Sacred sites and destroyed land and water, enough is enough, the People have risen and stood firm in prayer and action to stop the pipeline from crossing the Missouri River for months…

Standing Rock Frontline Fundraiser and Reportback

As things heat up for the #blacksnakekillas at Standing Rock and all of the frontline camps, solidarity is more important now than ever. Join us for an evening of stories, music, videos and more. Live Performances By: Raz Simone Savage Family Gabriel Teodros Julie C Olmeca Suntonio Bandanaz Black Magic Noize Nikkita Oliver Jamil Suleman Poesia Bypolar … Continue reading

Dakota pipeline protesters set for ‘last stand’ on banks of Missouri river

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
Dakota Access pipeline protesters inspect charred vehicles and signs in front of a law enforcement barricade. Photograph: Reuters Completion of controversial oil pipeline near as work moves quickly, but one Standing Rock protester says: ‘There is no time for waiting any more’ by Sam Levin, The Guardian, October 31, 2016…