• Shades of Silence!

    "Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves. Silence is solidarity. Love for the Silent ones. Silence alone is respectable and respected. "
    -Analogue Anomalies

    "Silence is argument carried out by other means."
    -Che Guevara

    "Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation."
    -Jean Arp

    Within a state of pure Silence, all that exist is Colors of unknown rhythms . A Sacred absence in time where Silence came first and Silence will be the last.
    Our Silence is the Sound of the alchemist of Chaos sabotaging the agents of authority.

Gentrification- A Tour Guide

(Note from S.O.S. -Below is a pamphlet we put together with the help of Anarres Press,  for a series of talks in the Emerald City about Gentrification and Social Control. We find that our stories and memories are very important in our struggle against Empire. Part of the process of fighting this cult of death … Continue reading


Hip Hop without Borders: “Revolutionary Tourism” and The Zapatista Little School Segunda Ronda

Hip Hop without Borders: “Revolutionary Tourism” and The Zapatista Little School Segunda Ronda “The oral arts and other forms of expression set our landscape in a different frame of reference…” —Linda-Tuhiwai Smith, Decolonizing Methodologies Poesia interrupts your capitalist illusion, delivering messages of ancients (Time is arbitrary, a thought in process leading up to (A) question) … Continue reading

the griots first tale – retold for clarity…kinda…

The following is written in hopes of being an introduction to a struggle going on in Seattle. There has been a lack of this story being told prior to this, so some context will be missing… Further info will be released soon but this is urgent and we felt it necessary to get this out. … Continue reading

the griots second tale – The Story..!…? -

YO, I am back, i know its been minute, but i got a story for y’all….its long one so get comfortable….. This isn’t your traditional story, this isn’t a plain narrative with a beginning and ending but rather a series of events told by a person who doesn’t conform to the capitalist sense of linear … Continue reading

property or liberation: political reflections of the Trayvon Martin struggle in Oakland, CA

Originally posted on Kissing in the Dark…:
On February 26th 2013 neighborhood watch fascist George Zimmerman shot and murdered 16 year old black youth trayvon martin. Over four months later on July 13th 2013 Zimmerman was found not guilty of the murder he did indeed commit, and was acquitted of all charges of manslaughter by…

Statement from Hannibal Shakur

Originally posted on bayareaintifada:
Oakland, CA The political nature of my charges cannot be over-stated here. To give human rights to a mechanical entity constructed solely for the sake of profit and exploitation is a perversion of those rights and what it means to be a human being. In Florida, a white man walks for…

A critical assessment of Idle No More

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
Wendy Lynn Lerat By Wendy Lynn Lerat, July 17, 2013 Good evening good people With all due respect to the opinions expressed here I am in agreement with much of the posts I have read of Ian’s over the past few days. I am encouraged to see that finally there…


Death of Empire: Decolonizing Feminism(s)

Death of Empire: Decolonizing Feminism(s) By: Poesia From our births, we are destined to be muxeristas–cultural carriers for the survival of our people(s). We came out of war zones and rebellions where self-defense is our decolonial methodologies. Descendants of fire-breathers and healers, children of the sun, seventh generation walking amongst the dead, we reflect our … Continue reading

Shale gas truck seized by ‘native warriors’ in N.B.

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
Elsipogtog First Nation council opposes shale gas exploration, chief says Stantec company truck seized by Native warriors in New Brunswick, June 2013. CBC News, June 4, 2013 A shale gas exploration company’s service vehicle was surrounded and seized by a group of self-described native warriors near Elsipogtog First Nation in…

Imperial Metals AGM disrupted in Vancouver (Coast Salish Territories)

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
BC Blackout, May 31, 2013 Photo by Murray Bush (flux photo). The annual general meeting of Imperial Metals in downtown Vancouver on May 29, 2013, was visited by Indigenous resisters of its proposed mining projects on un-ceded land in so-called British Columbia. They successfully got past police into the building…


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