• Shades of Silence!

    "Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves. Silence is solidarity. Love for the Silent ones. Silence alone is respectable and respected. "
    -Analogue Anomalies

    "Silence is argument carried out by other means."
    -Che Guevara

    "Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation."
    -Jean Arp

    Within a state of pure Silence, all that exist is Colors of unknown rhythms . A Sacred absence in time where Silence came first and Silence will be the last.
    Our Silence is the Sound of the alchemist of Chaos sabotaging the agents of authority.


Deep Roots United Front – Action Camp Wolf: Audio, Pictures…pick up the phone!

Deep Roots United Front. Telephone Action: 208-334-3700 Call Boise Fish And Wildlife. We just served them an eviction notice on behalf of the original people. Just tell them to respect the sacred and honor the freedom of religion of the original peoples. Add your favorite pro wolf or anti colonial phrases. These guys are jerks … Continue reading

S.O.S. (Vision) Visual Manifestation: 2016 Edition

An S.O.S. (Vision) Visual Manifestation: 2016 Edition —————–>>> —————–>>> ———->>> From the lands of distant relatives…salute to all peoples in rebellion….. Airports, train stations, bus stops, and traffic lights: summer nights become fall wind storms…hibernation for preparation to enter the next dimension…different than previous eras…release…unleash with the fury of winter storms… spread out the global … Continue reading

Peru: Indigenous Seize 11 Oil Wells Demanding Spill Clean Up

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
The Achuar indigenous people are fed up with the pollution left behind by foreign oil companies. Photo: Reuters by Telesurv.TV, sept 2, 2015 The Achuar communities say foreign oil companies pollute their lands and their clean water. They demand compensation and clean up of oil spills. Peruvian indigenous protesters seized…

Discussion/workshop August 22nd: Abolishing Education & Creating Alternatives…

Abolishing Education & Creating Alternatives: Against Intergalactic Imperialism and for a World in Which Many Worlds Fit Education is and always has been a concept and project of Empire. Education comes from the Latin root *educare* meaning “to bring up.” Seeing the facts of boarding schools vs the original peoples of Turtle Island and even … Continue reading

Southern Ute Tribe Declares Disaster Over Mining Spill in Animas River

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
The Animas River, orange coloured as a result of contamination from gold mine waste water spill. Photo: CNN. Indian Country Today, August 13, 2015 The Southern Ute Indian Tribe, the first to watch a 100-mile-long plume of toxic mining sludge flow through their reservation in the Animas River, has declared…

Hip Hop & Autonomy Discussion/Dialogue @ Seattle Anarchist Bookfair

Join Seattle local creative thinkers on (a) conversation/dialogue focused on the ourstory of Hip Hop, Corporatization of creative expression and ongoing decolonial resistance struggle(s). How do communities in struggle engage Hip Hop with Autonomous/Anarchist principles locally, regionally, nationally, and globally? What do Hip Hop heads envision for the next generations? FB EVENT PAGE LINK August … Continue reading

EZLN: Second Grade of the Zapatista Little School

Originally posted on dorset chiapas solidarity:
. EZLN: Second Grade of the Zapatista Little School ZAPATISTA ARMY FOR NATIONAL LIBERATION MEXICO July 27, 2015 To the National and International Sixth: To the former students of the Zapatista Little School: Compas: The date for the second grade (only for those who passed the first) of the…

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“New World” Settler Colonialism: “Killing Indians, Making Niggers”

Originally posted on Decolonization:
by Aman Sium “New World” settler colonialism can be described as a process of “killing Indians, making niggers.” By this I mean that, within the visionary project of building and maintaining a settler state, there are the immediate projects of clearing “virgin” land for industry and settlement (“killing Indians”), as well as…

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Support Muhammad and Emad!

Originally posted on Cody Lestelle:
Please see the following, share and donate if you can. I know these folks and this whole case is pure BS, Islamophobia and REPRESSION. The story below directly reposted from their fundraiser page ( The Story Emad and Muhammad are two local youths facing trumped up felony charges in the…

Unist’ot’en Call for Physical Support and Solidarity

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
Members of Unis’tot’en camp, November 2012. July 18, 2015 Dear Friends and Supporters, Thanks to everyone who responded to our Action Camp and Chevron PTP  update. It is becoming clear that the situation here is moving toward an  escalation point. Today at one o’clock a low flying helicopter flew over…


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